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Bounty Hunters

Leonard Padilla is known as America's "Godfather of Bail". Over the last 30 years this professional bounty hunter has captured 4,000 fugitives on the run, caring little for what he has to do to get the job done. Whether it's posing as a welfare agent or spinning fiendishly complex webs to snare his target, he always gets his man. Narrated by Val Kilmer, this NatGeo series follows Padilla as he tracks down four fugitives over the course of two years.
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Two top bounty hunters must overcome unusual challenges when a fugitive's friend creates a diversion and a confrontational man threatens them at the door of a bust. Leonard Padilla is known as America's "Godfather of Bail." Aided by apprentice Rob Dick, and motivated by the fact his son runs the bail company he works for, this vigilante has America's big money fugitives squarely in his s...

Episode length: 45:57 | 2008