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1:34:40 | 2004

Categories: Comedy, Latino, Foreign, Festivals

An inspired and beautifully assured tragicomedy set in Uruguay, WHISKY follows the quietly monotonous life of Jacobo Koller, the sixty-year-old owner of a small, outdated sock factory in Montevideo. When his younger, more successful brother Herman announces he is coming from Brazil to attend their mother's memorial, Jacobo decides he needs a wife. With no time to spare, he asks his humble and loyal assistant Marta to pose as his spouse. Herman — who is the more lively, inquisitive and open brother — spontaneously suggests the trio take a seaside trip. Along the way, the three begin to reveal themselves in situations where farce, jealousy and betrayal lead to places of no return. Co-writers and co-directors Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll have created a sophisticated, deadpan film that tells a very human story of sibling rivalry with understated style and modest gestures. The winner of numerous international awards, including the Prix Un Certain Regard at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival and Best Feature Film at the 2004 Chicago International Film Festival, WHISKY is presented in Spanish with English subtitles. This film is an official selection of the prestigious, award-winning Global Lens Collection, presented by the Global Film Initiative.


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December 10, 2015
Flat out boring. Only reason I watched was to see some of the scenery of Uruguay.