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What Women Want

What Women Want
1:51:39 | 2011

Categories: Foreign, Romance, Comedy

Chauvinistic advertising executive Zigang Sun is not known as a good husband, a good father or a good son. None of this bothers Zigang, since he's focused entirely on his expected promotion to creative director. However, that opportunity disappears when his firm instead hires the female executive of a rival agency, Yilong Li, to develop campaigns targeted toward women. When Zigang attempts to understand the opposite sex to compete with Yilong, a comic twist of fate gives him the ability to hear what women are thinking. While his new power makes him an expert on women and helps advance his career, it also leads him toward a relationship with his once-office-rival Yilong, and changes his outlook on what's important in life and love.


Reviews: C 2 Fans
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