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War Without Winners

War Without Winners
29:10 | 1983

Categories: War, Politics, History, Documentary, Shorts

Hosted by Paul Newman and filmed by Oscar-winning Cinematographer Haskell Wexler, WAR WITHOUT WINNERS is a common sense documentary look at the deadly serious issue of nuclear war. One general advocates that the US could indeed fight and win a nuclear war. "If we had enough brains to walk for an hour and get behind a lilac bush we wouldn't be hurt by that nuclear weapon," he claims as we see dramatic images of the total destruction of a real nuclear blast." A Russian woman in her babushka and an American teenager have no such illusions. "Even if I did survive," says one child, "I'd probably die of sadness because everyone I know would be dead." "The man-on-the-street is the smart-guy" says a retired CIA analyst, "He knows you can't fight and win a nuclear war." Paul Newman brings levity to this complex issue, and invites viewers to contribute to preventing World War III. As peace-minded Admiral Gene R. LaRocque says in the film, "A courageous statement by you of your outrage at the approach of nuclear war might save us. Your silence will doom us. You are our only hope."


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December 30, 2015