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Una Semana Solos (A Week Alone)

Una Semana Solos (A Week Alone)
1:50:00 | 2008

Categories: Comedy, Drama, Crime, Foreign

A group of children, age 7 through 14, are left home alone at a house in a secluded community in the countryside. Their innocence is gradually corrupted as they experiment with rule-breaking, ultimately leading to house break-ins around the neighborhood. The arrival of the maids son, a teenager of lesser privilege, exposes prejudice and ferocity climaxing with crimes that force the children to re-examine their actions. This powerful, critically acclaimed film, a film Martin Scorsese calls "great work with a true sense for character and place" looks at adolescence leaving no one untouched, and the children involved, changed forever.


Reviews: C 12 Fans
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