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The Suckling

The Suckling
1:29:09 | 1990

Categories: Horror, Cult Classics, Thrillers

In this cult horror classic, an innocent teenage couple stumbles into a New York brothel seeking advice about an unexpected pregnancy. They accidentally set off a series of insanely bizarre events that they'll never forget... if they live to tell the tale!  A barrel of toxic waste has begotten a mutant beast, complete with prehensile umbilical cord and hooked talons for hands. Hunting the customers and employees of the house of ill repute, the mutant envelops the house in an enormous placenta and slaughters the inhabitants one by one. But THE SUCKLING will always be mommy's little mutant....


Reviews: C 3 Fans
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April 26, 2017
this movie may have bad effects but you never know where the monster is going to to come from. this is one of the rare movies for me that can make me jump other horror films won't. i love this movie for that.



December 11, 2016
More akin to a " B" horror movie from the 80's !! Bad acting... bad effects..... I LOVED IT !! HAHAHA !!! The grossest part is watching a fetus turn into a monster hahaha