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The New Blood

The New Blood
1:15:40 | 2010

Categories: Arts and Culture, Biography

Mike's science fiction films are a peculiar brand of entertainment. So peculiar in fact, local public access channels cannot figure out what to do with them. Dealing with the dead, the un-dead, time travel, dating, and more, Mike's (hilarious) cult films reveal an undeniable artistic vision with a stark DIY approach. Mike is accompanied by partners Lou and Lawrence who each possess their own unique brand of film making methodology. Mike, Lou, and Laurence craft homemade monster movies in their basement and air them on public access in hopes of breaking into Hollywood. Each of these stars fall into their respective working roles and the resulting chemistry is utter magic. Mike's unique acting style has proven to be a fan favorite and the groups determination is second to none. This hilarious documentary follows the trio for roughly two years of their filmmaking.


Reviews: A 43 Fans
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