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The Last Pow-Wow Oak

The Last Pow-Wow Oak
1:10:00 | 2011

Categories: Documentary, History, Arts and Culture

THE LAST POW-WOW OAK brings together historians, Native Americans, the Daughters of the American Revolution and a local citizens group - "The Pow-Wow Oak Protectors" - to tell the story of this historic tree and its significance to two cultures. The Pow-Wow Oak of Lowell, MA, is estimated to be more than 300 years old. It is thought to be a gathering place for Native Americans as well as the Revolutionary War Militia Men. It has survived encroachment by development, damage from storms and mankind alike. But recently it was brought near death. A group of concerned citizens banded together to save and protect the historic tree. They call themselves the "Pow-Wow Oak Protectors" and they worked for almost two years to get the Lowell City government to provide protections for the tree and order neighboring encroachments to be removed. Their efforts became the catalyst for this documentary. Their story is an inspiration for citizens' groups everywhere.


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December 15, 2015