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The Bet Collector (Kubrador)

The Bet Collector (Kubrador)
1:40:46 | 2007

Categories: Drama, Foreign, Crime

Family matriarch Amy struggles to make ends meet by running a small convenience store out of her home in the slums of Manila. But in a terrible economy the customers are scarce, and without any help from her husband or pregnant daughter, she must supplement the family income by running an illegal gambling racket for a numbers game (jueteng). Plagued by memories of a dead son and constantly hounded by the police, this once-proud wife and mother now maintains a fragile and lonely existence as a BET COLLECTOR. With a haunting, cinema verité approach, director Jeffrey Jeturian presents a captivating and starkly realistic portrait of a woman forced into a life of crime. "Jeturian's powerful film both reflects and boosts a sudden creative resurgence in Filipino film culture." —Tony Rayns, London Film Festival. THE BET COLLECTOR (KUBRADOR) is presented in Tagalog with English subtitles. This film is an official selection of the prestigious, award-winning Global Lens Collection, presented by the Global Film Initiative.


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