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Silk Hope

Silk Hope
1:29:36 | 2000

Categories: Drama, Romance

Frannie Vaughn (Farrah Fawcett) has had a life of too many men and too many parties. She manages to elude responsibility until she comes home to the town of Silk Hope where she grew up, only to find that her mother has recently died. What's more, her sister, Natalie, has decided to sell the family house and divide the profits. This cold dose of reality sets Frannie on a new course. Her goal is to save the remnants of her family life, but surprisingly, her quest leads to love and the unlocking of a family secret. As sisters, Frannie and Natalie love each other, but as friends, their relationship has always been rocky. When Frannie takes a job at a local factory to save money to buy her sisters share of the house, she becomes romantically involved with co-worker Rubin (Brad Johnson; Soldier of Fortune, Always). When Frannie discovers a letter stuck behind a picture in their mother's house, a family secret is revealed that involves Jake's huge debt, and with the help of Rubin, she convinces Natalie not to sell the house to serve her husband's debt, and keep it in the family. As Frannie unlocks more of her family's secrets, the two sisters are brought closer together as a new loving family emerges from the pain and sacrifice of the past.


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April 9, 2017



June 30, 2015