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Saints and Sinners

Saints and Sinners
1:10:58 | 2004

Categories: LGBT, Documentary, Romance, Faith and Spirituality, Politics

Devout Catholics Edward DeBonis and Vincent Maniscalco, a gay couple, are determined to be wed in a church and receive the Holy Sacrament of Marriage. After a long process coming to grips with their sexuality and their families, DeBonis and Maniscalco meet in New York City. Quickly falling in love, they move in together, and DeBonis comes out to his family for the first time. They also began to integrate their sexuality with their faith. But in 1986, their faith group, Dignity, was thrown out of the Catholic Church for violating Catholic precepts. The Vatican has stated that it believes that homosexuality is fundamentally disordered because it does not involve procreation, despite documents from the early Church blessing same-sex friendships. What's at stake is not only their relationship, but their civil rights. In 2004, gay partnerships had few of the rights that straight partnerships have, and the Church's influence prevented then (and still prevents) many local and state governments from granting gay couples equal rights under the law. After having cancer, Edward DeBonis agrees to marry his long-term partner, Vincent. As religious Catholic men, the Holy Sacrament of Marriage brings them together in the eyes of God.


Reviews: B+ 24 Fans
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