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Revealing Gallipoli: Part 2

Revealing Gallipoli: Part 2
49:26 | 2005

Categories: Documentary, History, War

Led by an international team of experts and aided by our unique 3D map of the peninsula the team will identify the exact location, giving a fullness of context to the experiences and stories of who fought and gave their lives in the name of  their Empire.The landings are a disaster. Nowhere have the armies gone inland. The Turks have fought ferociously. Now begins nine months of agony for both sides. The Allied armies trying to break out of their beachheads, the Turks determined to fight for every yard of their country. We hear first hand accounts of the battle. The Port Melbourne railway worker and the Turkish farmer fight each other in rugged hills above beautiful beaches. For both sides, life becomes a misery, death becomes commonplace.It is stalemate. Neither side can move. Now the poor planning, the lack of men and supplies, and the shoddy medical services begin to take a terrible toll. In August, one last great battle is planned to break the stalemate, to get Gallipoli moving, It is a catastrophe. In London, it is decided to end the battle and evacuate. The most successful operation on Gallipoli is the evacuation. The Melboure railway worker and the Turkish farmer survive. The poet returns to Dublin. Some 450 thousand men have been killed and wounded on both sides. The tragedy of Gallipoli is over.


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