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Ordinary People (Obicni ljudi)

Ordinary People (Obicni ljudi)
1:19:04 | 2009

Categories: Drama, Foreign, War

The psychological toll of war is examined in this harrowing tale set in the Balkans. On a seemingly average day, a busload of young soldiers is sent to a remote location in the countryside and given a macabre task: the execution of a number of civilians. A new recruit initially objects, but as he moves from one killing to the next, he is swept up by the specter of military authority and quickly becomes desensitized by the apparently routine nature of his task. ORDINARY PEOPLE (OBICNI IJUDI) unsentimentally captures the psychological toll of war on its participants, and the universal struggle of all soldiers to reconcile morality with action. This film is presented in Serbian with English subtitles, and is an official selection of the prestigious, award-winning Global Lens Collection presented by the Global Film Initiative.


Reviews: C 10 Fans
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