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Never Surrender: The Ed Ramsey Story

Never Surrender: The Ed Ramsey Story
1:12:47 | 2016

Categories: Documentary, War, History, Politics

Narrated by Oscar-nominated actor Josh Brolin, Never Surrender is an incredible and inspiring story of sacrifice, survival, heroism, and reconciliation. Two weeks after the Japanese marched through Manila in World War II, Lt. Edwin P. Ramsey led an offensive in the Philippine jungle that made history as the last mounted horse cavalry charge in U.S. military history. Later, after the fall of Bataan in spring 1942, Ramsey refused to surrender. He joined the Filipino resistance and rose to command more than 40,000 guerilla warriors. He became a hero to the Filipinos, a friend to every Filipino president of the next 40 years, and he went on to a successful career in international business. Living with his family in Japan for five years, Ramsey embraced his erstwhile enemies, seeking understanding rather than revenge, even befriending a business associate who helped plan the attack on Pearl Harbor.


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