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1:33:53 | 2011

Categories: Crime, Thrillers, Drama, Action

Be careful what you write—you could get blood on your hands. Starring Danny Glover, Martin Landau, Michael Rooker and Billy Zane, MYSTERIA is a mesmerizingly modern Hollywood film noir in the tradition of Mulholland Drive and Sunset Boulevard. Down on his luck and fighting a serious case of writer's block, a once famous and now washed-up screenwriter (played by veteran character actor Robert Miano) is racing to finish his latest script against an unrealistic deadline. When he finds himself at the center of a murder investigation involving a prominent politician's wife, the tumultuous events provide new inspiration for his writing—even as he remains the prime suspect in the case. But has this screenplay taken on a twisted life of its own?


Reviews: B+ 25 Fans
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