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Les Formidables

Les Formidables
1:58:15 | 2006

Categories: Thrillers, Action, Crime, Foreign

In this South Korean action thriller, Lee Soo-Hyun is an ex-gang leader who wants to get out of the mob and open a small restaurant. Inspector Ha Sung-Woo is depressed and suicidal—his partner was killed and his only child needs an operation he cannot afford. Soo-Hyun is also arrested for a murder that he didn't commit. In order to catch the real killer, he injures himself in prison and is transported to the hospital—where takes a police officer hostage during his daring escape. And the officer just happens to be Inspector Sung-Woo. Now, this very odd couple must forge an uneasy alliance to prove both Soo-Hyun's innocence and secure funds for Sung-Woo's medical bills.


Reviews: B+ 27 Fans
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