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Inside Red China

Inside Red China
49:46 | 2005

Categories: History

In 1957 US Army veteran Robert Carl Cohen was studying Social Psychology in Paris. While visiting the USSR he was assigned by NBC-TV's Moscow Chief Irving R. Levine to film a group of young Americans touring China in defiance of the US State Dept.'s travel ban. Arriving in Beijing after a 9 day 6,000 mile trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway, he convinced the authorities to permit him to air express his uncensored film via Moscow to NBC in New York. During a 45 day tour he became the first American to film China since the 1949 Communist victory; documenting forbidden things such as bridges, aircraft, tanks, & the "brain washing" of political prisoners. After appearing on the TODAY SHOW & HUNTLEY NEWS, his reports were edited into INSIDE RED CHINA, part of THE SPECIAL OF THE WEEK Series. Highlights of this unique film include: Beijing, Guandong, Shanghai, The Great Wall, Yangtze River, Nanking University, Changchung Auto Plant, Slum & Sampan dwellers, Modern Hospitals & Ancient Acupuncture, Co-op Farms, Chairman Mao Tze Tung, Premier Chou En-Lai, & former Cal Tech & MIT rocket expert Dr. Chen Tzu-Fen, ending with the million marcher National Day Parade before the Forbidden City & its giant fireworks finale. Today, with foreign tourists & business people able to visit a China rapidly filling with modern factories & cities, INSIDE RED CHINA provides a rare insight into that vast nation's tumultuous past.


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March 15, 2017