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Hip Hop Homos

Hip Hop Homos
26:00 | 2004

Categories: Shorts, LGBT, Arts and Culture, Music

Hip Hop Homos explores the personal and professional struggles of two openly gay rap artists as they strive to make a name for themselves in a musical genre that has historically promoted their annihilation. By writing and rapping about their experiences, Deadlee and God-des attempt to debunk gay stereotypes in an age where rap has become the dominant, urban language.

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Joe "Deadlee" Lee strives to become a role model for today's gay youth while coping with his partner's HIV positive status and his mother's apprehension towards his sexually explicit stage persona.

In Madison, WI, Alicia "God-des" Smith contends with the pressures of a failed business venture, her parents' financial difficulties and the prospect of moving to New York City with her singing partner in the hopes of generating a buzz about their music.

Though specific in its depiction of the gay, hip hop experience, Hip Hop Homos deals with the universal themes of struggling to achieve one's dreams and feeling caught between two diametrically opposed cultures.

The film's explosive soundtrack, grainy texture, fast-paced editing, bold camera work and saturated colors combine to create an energetic and highly stylized look into the lives of two artists on the cusp of a gay, hip hop revolution.


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