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Hard Time:Judgement Day

Judgement Day
45:09 | 2012

Categories: Documentary, Crime

Across the street from Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas is the Clark County Courthouse. Each day, hundreds of inmates are collected from their jail cells and herded through the underground network of tunnels that connect the two buildings, to face a Judge. Sooner or later, every inmate in the jail must make the trip, and while most will please guilty and take a deal, those who maintain their innocence will go to trial. Attorneys are hired, a jury is selected, and the accused enter the fight of their lives, at the end of which a jury of their peers determines their fate - guilty or innocent. Jury trials are an intense, personal, and often painful experience for those involved - and a process that we explore from the perspective of three inmates as they go through the life-changing ordeal of a trial, judgement, and ultimately a verdict.


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