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Finding Mr. Right

Finding Mr. Right
2:02:45 | 2013

Categories: Foreign, Comedy, Romance

Young and gorgeous, Jiajia (Wei Tang, Ang Lee's Lust, Caution) travels from Beijing to Seattle to give birth to the son who’s going help her win over her rich, married boyfriend. Armed with his no-limit credit card and the singular goal of returning to China with a tiny U.S. citizen, she thinks she knows how to play this complicated game of modern love. But when she arrives in the city that inspired her all-time favorite movie (Sleepless in Seattle, of course), nothing goes right: she has to share a small house with two other pregnant ladies; she can't reach her boyfriend on the phone; and eventually, even the credit card stops working. To top it off, the only person who will spend time with her is her driver, Frank—who sees through Jiajia's selfish princess act and realizes that deep down, her heart is as big as her Birkin bag. And Frank is the total opposite of everything she wants in a man.... Or could he be exactly the kind of guy she needs? FINDING MR. RIGHT (Beijing yu shang xiyatu, literally "Bejing Meets Seattle") is an utterly charming Chinese comedy that also pays homage to classic Hollywood romance.


Reviews: B+ 7 Fans
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