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Earth Focus:Studio of the Sea

Studio of the Sea
29:56 | 2010

Categories: Shorts, Science and Environment

This installment of Earth Focus provides a special look into 'Studio of the Sea', a group of biologists equipped with camera equipment who are studying the underwater effects of global warming on coral reefs in the Phoenix Islands, a sparsely populated chain of atolls in the Pacific Ocean. Their footage provides insight into the delicate balance of underwater ecosystems, as well as the devastating effects of even the slightest temperature changes on the health, size and vibrancy of the "rainforests of the sea."

For more than 12 years the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation's crew has been working off the RV Heraclitus, which is the only ship continually at sea studying coral reefs on a planetary basis. According to PCRF's findings, two-thirds of the world's coral reefs and their ecosystems are at risk of devastation due to climate change, pollution and other harmful underwater trends.

Other segments in this Earth Focus broadcast include: a look at the dangers facing wild horses in Palomino Valley, California; a report on a growing number of commercial bottle water companies, such as Ethos and Belu, that donate a portion or all of their proceeds from sales to global causes; and a startling exposé on annual seal hunting in Canada and a resulting boycott against Darden Restaurants, the multi-billion-dollar company that owns Red Lobster, and the entire Canadian seafood industry.

Earth Focus is an environmental news magazine that puts a human face on environmental issues and legislation by featuring under-publicized stories about how environmental changes are affecting everyday people around the world. "Earth Focus" is produced for Link TV by Planet Vox.


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December 11, 2016
Great movie! I finally ?atched it online in HQ. I figured some of you guys would want to watch it too! ;) Here is the site where I ?atched it: http://bit.ly/2fCFAsX Thumbs up if it worked for you New Movies => http://bit.ly/2fCFAsX