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Earth Focus:Tackling Climate Change

Tackling Climate Change
28:02 | 2010

Categories: Documentary, Science and Environment, Shorts

In this episode of Earth Focus, we look at various initiatives that address climate change. Cool It! is a new movie featuring Skeptical Environmentalist author Bjorn Lomborg, who says people should cut the fear and find realistic solutions that make economic sense. Next, climate activists call for presidential leadership on during the World Work Party on 10/10/10. Then we look at Fate of the World, a new video game produced by UK based Red Redemption. They specialize in social action games that enable you to use real climate models to either save or destroy the world. Video game creator Gobion Rowlands explains why this game will have an impact. Another approach is taking the climate message to high schools as The Alliance for Climate Education makes climate science hip for teens, using animation, music, and video. Then author Chuck McCutcheon discusses his new book What are Global Warming and Climate Change?, explaining climate change for younger readers. In the next segment, Easy Like Water filmmaker Glenn Baker shows how children in Bangladesh are going to school on boats, due to rising sea levels and floods. Finally we look to rural Nicaragua, where solar energy is helping improve children's health and save lives.


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