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Earth Focus:Earth Focus Episode 24: Filmmakers on Water

Earth Focus Episode 24: Filmmakers on Water
27:57 | 2010

Categories: Documentary, Science and Environment, Shorts

Three new films are exploring some of the pressing issues related to water. James Thebaut's film "Running Dry: Beyond the Brink" looks at water scarcity and explores the impact that a changing climate will have on the availability of water for consumption, agriculture and industry. He draws on examples from drought-plagued countries like Australia to see how we can cope with exacerbated drought and other worsening climate conditions in the future. In the film "Poisoned Waters," veteran journalist Hedrick Smith examines the health impact of toxic chemicals in our water, including endocrine disruptors -- chemicals which can affect hormones and the endocrine system. Laura Seltzer profiles the changing life of the watermen of the Chesapeake Bay in "Last Boat Out." The film shows that the impact of development and pollution is undermining the traditional livelihood of Chesapeake Bay watermen, but that a new type of farming is taking hold -- farming for oysters.


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December 11, 2016
Great movie! I finally ?atched it online in HQ. I figured some of you guys would want to watch it too! ;) Here is the site where I ?atched it: http://bit.ly/2fCFAsX Thumbs up if it worked for you New Movies => http://bit.ly/2fCFAsX