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Earth Focus:Climate Change Special

Climate Change Special
28:25 | 2009

Categories: Documentary, Shorts, Science and Environment

This Earth Focus special illustrates the impact of climate change today, on the eve of the Copenhagen talks. Was climate change avoidable, or is it the inevitable result of human progress? The latest science from the United Nations Environment program (UNEP) predicts that the world will warm by four degrees Celsius (seven degree Fahrenheit) by as early as 2060 -- even if industrialized countries keep their most ambitious policy pledges.

Other reports in this episode include a look at International Climate Action Day and a dispatch from Copenhagen which highlights Denmark as a model of sustainable living.

Also, Earth Focus examines the role of business and investment in tackling man's most pressing and greatest challenge -- climate change.

The program features British author Mark Lynas (author of ""Six Degrees: Life on a Hotter Planet""); Achim Steiner, Executive Director of UNEP and Under-Secretary General of the UN; Dr. Robert Corell, Chair, The Climate Action Initiative; Dr. Michael MacCracken, IPCC Reviewer, Chief Scientist for Climate Programs at The Climate Institute; Christopher Flavin, President of the Worldwatch Institute; Connie Hedegaard, Minister of Climate and Energy (Denmark); H.E. Friis Arne Petersen, Ambassador of Denmark to the U.S.; Klaus Bondam, Mayor of Copenhagen; Soren Hermansen, Samso Energy Academy (Denmark); Anders Eldrup, CEO of Dong Energy (Denmark); Jens Moberg, CEO, Better Place Denmark; Jonathan Jacoby, Oxfam America; Dalies Judge, Humanitarian Program Coordinator, Zambia, Oxfam International; and Gawain Kripke, Oxfam America.


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December 11, 2016
Great movie! I finally ?atched it online in HQ. I figured some of you guys would want to watch it too! ;) Here is the site where I ?atched it: http://bit.ly/2fCFAsX Thumbs up if it worked for you New Movies => http://bit.ly/2fCFAsX



November 27, 2015