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Drugged:High on Alcohol

High on Alcohol
45:04 | 2012

Categories: Documentary, Health and Food

This is the story of an alcoholic named Ryan, and the two doctors who are on a mission to save him. Ryan has agreed to go through medical and psychological testing to determine the damage his alcoholism has done to his mind and body. Faced head-on with the ways that alcohol is killing him, will Ryan decide to get clean? Or will he continue living a life consumed by substance abuse?


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October 15, 2015



July 26, 2015
While this may seem dramatic to some, this is true alcoholism in a young man. Ryan has insights about his addiction that are astonishing and enlightening and it's of the utmost importance that films and images like this get further out into our society so such addictions, which are far more common than we may want to admit, can be helped earlier. I'm encouraged that Nat'l Geo documented this because it's of a young man who has "just" abused alcohol, not heroin or meth, and yet has body has already been wrecked by the physical (not to mention mental) effects. Ryan is a highly likable, relatable guy who might remind many of us of people we have known and loved. Whether you know about alcoholism or are trying to learn about it, this is an excellent program.