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Double Trouble

Double Trouble
1:28:39 | 2012

Categories: Foreign, Comedy, Action, Crime

Starring Jaycee Chan (son of legendary martial arts superstar Jackie Chan), DOUBLE TROUBLE (Bao dao shuang xiong) is a kick-ass action comedy bursting with jaw-dropping fight sequences, sexy art thieves and hilarious hijinks. Tied together face-to-face in a chair, two men struggle against the ropes that hold them captive. Flashback two days previously.... A 400-year old Chinese painting is about to go on view to the public in a Taipei museum, and security guard Jay (Chan) is ready to protect this Taiwanese national treasure at all costs. When a pair of stiletto-heeled beauties (Jessica C. and Shoko) infiltrate the building in an attempt to steal the piece, he snaps into action—only to be stopped by Ocean (Xia Yu), a very confused Beijing security guard on vacation. Jay hops in his jeep with Ocean in tow, and puts the peddle to the metal in hot pursuit. But what they don't realize is that this priceless painting was accidentally swapped out during the melee—and brought on to Ocean’s tour bus by a fellow traveller. Meanwhile, Crime Boss Z (Vivian Dawson) is none too pleased when he realizes his minions' error, and demands they go back out to finish the job.


Reviews: D+ 5 Fans
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