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Car Bomb

Car Bomb
1:41:35 | 2010

Categories: Documentary, War, Politics, Crime

Forget about nuclear missiles—the decisive weapon of the twentieth century is the CAR BOMB. We now know you can defeat a superpower, start a civil war or just blow up your own government with a trunk-load of homemade explosives and a battered old vehicle. From the Middle East to Oklahoma, Afghanistan and New York's Times Square, the car bomb has shaped human conflict for decades. Even today, it remains the number one terrorist threat across the world. In this startling documentary feature, ex-CIA agent Robert Baer—whose life and work was depicted by George Clooney in Stephen Gaghan's 2005 Oscar-winning drama Syriana—uncovers the history of this extraordinary weapon for the first time.


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April 8, 2016
If McVeigh got the death penalty, so should have Karl Anderson. They both did the same crime. Why should the body count have anything to do with it? That Physicist is still just as dead as the 168 from Oklahoma City. Kill one or kill a hundred, mean to or not, the dead don't differentiate. It's unjust, and lends creedence(although I don't buy it myself) to those like McVeigh who say the government are tyrants( His shirt at booking said "sic, semper, tyrannus" What J. Wilkes Booth shouted when he jumped to the stage after shooting Lincoln). A left winger walks(Bill Ayers, Obama's good friend, look him up) and a right winger gets buried. How is that justice?