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Born to Win

Born to Win
1:23:52 | 1971

Categories: Cult Classics, Crime, Drama, Comedy

With an impressive cast of actors led by two-time Oscar winner Robert De Niro, Oscar nominee George Segal, Oscar nominee Karen Black, Hector Elizondo and Paula Prentiss, BORN TO WIN is a gritty black comedy shot on the down-and-dirty streets of early-1970s New York City. Hairdresser-turned-junkie J (Segal, sporting some epic sideburns) has lost everything and spends his days prowling the gnarliest corners of the Big Apple for his next fix. A charismatic wise ass with "Born to Win" tattooed on his arm, J desperately wants to start over, but is completely trapped by his heroin addiction. In order to support his $100-a-day habit, he eventually turns to petty crime and errand-running for local dealer Vivian, aka The Geek (Elizondo). And during an attempted car theft, J meets the free-spirited Parm (Black), who just might be his saving grace. But J is eventually forced to turn informant by a tough-as-nails police detective and his young partner (De Niro), who are determined to take down The Geekā€”no matter what the cost. 


Reviews: A+ 4 Fans
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