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Black Book (aka Reign of Terror)

Black Book (aka Reign of Terror)
1:28:36 | 1949

Categories: Classic Movies, History, Drama, Thrillers

France in 1794 is in massive upheaval and the most powerful man in the country, Maximilien Robespierre (Richard Basehart), is fueling the Reign of Terror. When the politician's death list of unfortunate souls marked for denouncement (and the guillotine) goes missing, he is desperate to find it before his enemies do—and orders disguised patriot Charles D'Aubigny (who has secretly killed and is impersonating Duval, the bloodstained prosecutor of Strasbourg) to get it back within twenty-four hours. The black book is the key to Robespierre's emergence as the country's dictator: his numerous foes are kept in check by the uncertainty of whether their names are on the list. If they were to learn for certain that they are, they could band together against him, insuring his political ruin and death. Can D'Aubigny keep his true identity a secret amid the panic? Directed by the legendary Hollywood director Anthony Mann (Fall of the Roman Empire), photographed by the renowned film noir cinematographer John Alton, and produced by William Cameron Menzies, BLACK BOOK (also known as REIGN OF TERROR) is a stylish, shadowy and terrifying French Revolution noir thriller.


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