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Bid and Destroy:Airplane Palace

Airplane Palace
22:32 | 2012

Categories: Documentary, History

The Danley Demolition team gambles on a farmhouse from the 1730s in Hampton, New Hampshire. Just before they start bidding, they find out that owner of the house is keeping the salvage. Lee ultimately wins the bid, but is really counting on two things: that Kip doesn't damage any of the salvage, and that they can find some good stuff in the old house and barn.


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April 20, 2016
as a woman, it is great watching this show; what woman doesn't love to find a bargain? it is a gas to watch them wrench these rusty treasures out of buildings soon to be demolished without ever having to get my hands dirty. this show is a fun way to explore historical artifacts from the comfort of my living room chair.