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A Secret Affair

A Secret Affair
1:28:08 | 2000

Categories: Drama, Romance

Vanessa Steward (Turner), travels to Venice for her family's expanded line of retail stores. She meets Bill Fitzgerald (Behan), a war correspondent on a much-needed break. Bill is immediately struck by Vanessa's beauty, but she is unhappily engaged to be married to Stephen, her father's right-hand man. She welcomes Bill's company during her trip. Bill turns out to be everything her husband to be is not, and everything she desires in a man, and as strongly as she tries to resist her attraction to him, they soon become embroiled in a passionate love affair. Upon her return home, she makes Bill promise never to contact her again. She experiences increasing friction at work and unhappiness with her fiancée, when a bouquet of flowers and a plane ticket to Dublin shows up from Bill, inviting her to meet up with him and his young daughter. Vanessa drops everything and goes. She returns to the US to break up with Stephen, and Bill returns to the battlefield. By chance, Vanessa sees a news story about a lost news reporter, presumed dead, and is horrified to learn it's Bill. She travels to the war zone with his mother, to get details of his apparent death, where the discovery of a scarred body puts Bill's identity into question and hope prevails, in this contemporary quality television romantic drama.


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March 27, 2017
How can i watch this gideo?



December 14, 2015
Loved this film.