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Dogstar:A Dog's Tale

A Dog's Tale
24:02 | 2006

Categories: Kids and Family, Animation, Sci-Fi

When the planet becomes too polluted in the year 2347, the entire population relocates to New Earth. All of Old Earth's dogs take off on the spaceship Dogstar under the command of confused robots Alice and Zeke—and end up lost in space. The Clark children take the family ship, the Valiant, in search of the Dogstar and their beloved canine companion Hobart.


Reviews: A 4 Fans
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March 16, 2016
Dear lord i'm so bored and there's nothing to do, I wish it would just load and play but nope, the life is being drained out of me, am I being over dramatic? I don't think I am, well, not enough actually, SAVE ME FROM THIS BOREDOM.